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Bio & Pics Castellano

Martin Tejada, Buenos Aires, 1983, has developed himself in different panerai replica uk artistic features, such as movie making, literature and draw since his early teens with great success, winning several important awards. As he turns 18, he begins his college movie studies at the Universidad de Buenos Aires - his childhood dream - and starts working in the movie industry (photography, art department, fx).

As his directing talent begins to show, he starts making music videos at the age of 23, working with important Argentinian and Latin American artists. Later on, he´ll make a career shift, directing his first commercials for different international brands. 

His feature film script provisionally named "Vengador" has won an important award given by the French Embassy in Argentina, giving him the rolex uk replica watches opportunity to take part of a script clinic dictated by the worldwide known writer Miguel Machalski (Million Dollar Baby, Spider), which would later help him to get important production companies interested in his project. This has given his directing carreer a tremendous boost, allowing him also to start developing himself as a screenwriter, which he does with great pleasure.

So far, he´s written commercials, TV series and feature films. He recently had the opportunity to explore another one of his passions, adapting the script for the Portuguese graphic novel "As Incríveis Aventuras de Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy", by Filipe Melo and Juan Cavia. 


(+54 9 11) 4775-1076 (Land)

1566543776 (Mobile)

Soldado de la independencia 1171 5ºB.

CP. 1426 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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